New Hall School Student Mouthguards 2018
TITAN will be visiting the school to supervise fittings for all student mouthguards on:
- Wednesday 29th August 9am until 4pm (Fittings at Pre-Season Training)
- Thursday 30th August 9am until 1pm (Fittings at Pre-Season Training)
- Tuesday 11th August 1pm until 5pm (Any Missed on Pre-Season Dates - Years 11-13)
- Wednesday 12th August 1pm until 5pm (Any Missed on Pre-Season Dates - Years 7-10)
All guards are provided at a cost of £44.99 with all spares costing a reduced £35. These prices include complementary boil and bite guard, delivery and TITAN protective casing.
Please complete this form in advance of the pre-order deadline on Saturday 25th August to ensure your son/daughter has an impression taken on the day!
(All forms submitted after the order deadline date of the 25th will be subject to a £5 price increase).
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Wasn't that easy?
{{answer_W908NW0jGcc7}} will now be fitted for a TITAN mouthguard at the school on {{answer_URsVMFWBp33Z}}!
If {{answer_W908NW0jGcc7}} fails to attend the session on {{answer_URsVMFWBp33Z}} for whatever reason, we'll get a TITAN homekit sent out to your address promptly which you'll be able to use to take the impression and send back to us for {{answer_W908NW0jGcc7}}'s mouthguard to be produced!
If you’d like a mouthguard for another child, simply place a separate order by refreshing this page...
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